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zosim solomonevich davodov


Zosim Solomonovich Davidov (passport copy and the picture can be found on the following web page ) real name Zurab Solomonovich Datiashvili, Born in 01.02.66 in Tbilisi. He is a famous cheater, crook and quack. Davidov Zosim Solomonovich has been caught several times on document fabrication. He has applied banks for getting loans for several times by using fabricated documents of certificates #2 on personal income tax and employment record books. He managed to take a loan twice. Right now, he owes approximately 2 million rubles. His latest legal address is #6 Garibaldi str. App #6, Moscow. For him all the people around him are victims. Neither friends, nor relatives are important for him. He is cheating on everyone and for any amount. He treats the victim during long time and very carefully. He was treating the man in Tbilisi over 7 years who later he cheated on 50 000 USD! He is making stories about having received the education in Sorbonne ( in fact he has only 8 grades of education) where his groupmates have been nearly all Arab Sheiks! He is offering to prepare a bank guarantee on 100 million USD and presents himself as a first-class financier. As soon as anyone transfers any amount to him (doesn’t matter for what purpose) - he immediately disappears! He is fabricating all kinds of reasons why he can’t return the amount back. During that period, he loses his relatives or family members and he is in mourning and that’s why he can’t return the amount. Later he lies he is leaving for London but he can conduct the amount transfer only from Munich where he never gets and so on. for concluding a contract, he is using the company of another cheater and crook – Yuri Yasinski. . UAB “VDK group” Kaunas Area, Settlement Domeikavos, Vandziogalos St. 110, Lithuania LT54358 Legal code: 302434297. Manager: Michail Efron Bank requisites: Beneficiary: UAB “VDK group" Beneficiary acc: IBAN LT057044060007181112 Beneficiary bank: AB SEB BANKAS Beneficiary bank address: Gediminas pr. 12, LT 01 103, Vilnius Beneficiary bank code: SWIFT: CBVILT2X Official representatives: Yasinski Yuri Markovich Tel: +375296036961, e-mail: yasinski43@mail.ru In order to confirm the contract both of them are signing the agreement. The second signer is also a famous cheater known as Igor Edgarovich okonov - born in 06.11.1966 in Tbilisi (passport is attached). Igor Edgarovich Okonov was imprisoned during 2003-2006 based on article 160 of criminal code part 2 . He was a non-official manager of several companies that are closed at this moment. Most likely those companies were used for money laundering. Legal address: #6 Lesnaya street, app. #3 Dubna town, Moscow region. For money transfers he is using the name of his Jewish partner – Viacheslav Golod (account number presented). Address: 1HaMakor st.Ramat Gan 56135 Israel. BANK NAME: ISRAEL DISCOUNT BANK BIC CODE: IDBLILITXXX BRANCH NAME: BEIT HAKEREM BRANCH CODE: 069 ACCOUNT NUMBER: IL970110690000125059843 Victims of mentioned criminals can contact us. We are ready to publish any kind of information about these cheaters. We hope to help those people who are treated by mentioned swindlers right now.

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